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Import and distribution of
plumbing supplies, electrical cables,
welding supplies, iron,
equipment for fire extinguishing,
air conditioning and solar energy.


Tassa represents the best of the manufacturers in Israel and the world, goes above and beyond while maintaining the quality of the products it distributes, in addition Tassa conforms to the Israeli standard as well as international standards.

The Tassa company concentrates its activities mainly in the official and wholesale fields with clients including: the Ministry of Defense, the Israel Electrical Corporation, the leading building and infrastructure companies, the leading wholesalers in all industries. The company concentrates its operations in the new and modern logistics center, which sprawls over 7.5 acres (30 dunams) and is strategically located in Mavo Horon, neighboring the city of Modi’in. All products are delivered with our fleet of trucks, which allows quick, efficient and accurate delivery within about 24 hours to anywhere in the country.

Tassa brings together tens of thousands of different items in a large number and range of departments related to the construction industry with every department managed like an independent business. This reality allows the company to be a unique, professional and attractive supplier for its clients. The company aims to be a wide and diversified support system, which will provide for the wide range of needs of its clients.



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